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GH '24

 Alicia is from Georgia and still struggling with how cold and tree-less New Haven is. Alicia is an English major and Education Studies Scholar who loves a good trip to Beinecke  or discussion on educational backgrounds (apparently all schools don't have police officers in them?). Alicia loves the Jook Songs community so much <333 and found it as a ray of sunshine and poetry in the dark COVID years. Alicia hopes to be sitting on the beach with a mango and a good book and perhaps a dog.



BK '22

Isabelle is a junior from sunny Honolulu, Hawaiʻi (which might be her only ice breaker halp) studying Ethnicity, Race, and Migration and human rights. She discovered Jook Songs during her second week of Yale, cried during her first workshop, and hasn’t looked back since! Isabelle deeply loves the jS community and is delighted to be leading the group with her lovely co-prez, Eileen. In addition to writing poetry, Isabelle enjoys listening to lofi hip-hop music, yearning, and attempting to learn Korean rap. She dreams of becoming a movement lawyer somewhere on the west coast who attends poetry slams at hipster cafes on the weekends.


TD '22

Eileen Huang is a junior from New Jersey—though she claims no Jersey pride—studying English. She stumbled into Jook Songs (with her wonderful co-prez Isabelle) as an anxious first-year searching for community and a creative outlet—and she found both of those things. Outside of poetry, she enjoys jogging in adventurous places, eating bagels, listening to Mitski, and online shopping. You can find her words in The Adroit Journal, The Kenyon Review, Hyphen, and on NowThis.


TD '22

Tulsi joined Jook Songs because she didn't realize she wasn't white until her second year of college and thought that she could delve deeper into her Indian roots by combining her passion for poetry with her experience of the diaspora. She is all about those ~pOsiTiVe viBeS~ and likes to challenge people to write a happy poem! You’ll never see her without her crescent moon necklace and a wide-eyed, empty look which indicates that she’s thinking of her next quirky tweet. You can count on finding Tulsi at the local coffee shop or lighting things on fire. 


ES '23

Evelyn is a half-international poet originally from Beijing! When she’s not whipping up quesadillas at the Stiles Buttery or constantly misusing malaphors, you can find Evelyn singing jazzy a cappella tunes with Redhot & Blue, or yelling on stage in theater productions. Evelyn’s lifelong dream is to live in the woods — listening to Hozier and drinking hot chocolate on the daily with an adopted dog named Kevin -- and, if you stick around for long enough, you’ll definitely find her talking about it sometime or another. (If you glue your eyes to the pavement, you might even catch her in her natural form: curled up into a ball, taking a two-hour nap in the AACC living room.)


MY '23

Lauren is from Philly-ish and likes to say that she is double majoring, though she will never say in what (she doesn't know either). On campus, she sings jazz with her a cappella group, works with the Asian American Students Alliance, and is often perched outside with a coffee and some Japanese Breakfast. Two of her great loves include writing poetry and making collage art, but her greatest love is a good bowl of soba noodles. When she grows up she hopes to either own an art gallery on the west coast, punch Jeff Bezos, or move to the west coast to punch Jeff Bezos. Her favorite time is 10:15 AM. She listens to bossa nova unironically.


SY '23

Alan wears his New Jersey pride on his sleeve. He is instantly recognizable from afar due to his floppy hair and big-pants™.  But what you can’t see from afar is his even bigger heart. Fun Fact: Jook Songs was one of the only clubs Alan signed up for at the first-year extracurricular bazaar because he felt very intimidated by all the people and ruckus and sweat and  also he realized that handsome dan wasn’t even there so he left after five minutes. He dreams of becoming Noah Baumbach and marrying Greta Gerwig.


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